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Data Services

We have deep experience on web crawling, strong passion on the next generation of web crawling technologies, lead generation, building news article curation workflow, sentiment analysis, building high performance and scalable database and managing the data effectively with a good data governance strategy. We are one of the leading data providers meeting the compliance norms, we offer custom data solutions for data extraction, data cleansing, data enrichment, data transformation and data visualization to our customers of any size using scalable and secure architecture.

We help you digitally transform your data to have exceptional industry experiences for your customers and translate product information into the language that is understandable and meaningful to make successful business decisions.

How we build data for you?


Requirement Analysis

We believe in analyzing your requirement including the problem statement by carrying deep research effort on it and will work collaboratively with you using appropriate communication channels to understand the requirements and finalize the same.


Technical Feasibility

Once we have got the required information of your project then will perform a feasibility analysis including infrastructure requirement, development effort, collection time and design a solution that works best for you.



After completing the feasibility analysis, we understand the complexity of the source sites & data processing requests. Therefore, we become sure of this dynamic research, custom script development a summarized proposal would be shared including, delivery milestone, effort, frequency of communication, and cost.


Sample Data

We follow the principles of Agile for fast delivery and fast feedback, we usually share a sample set of data considering your business requirements and request your feedback to make sure that we meet your expectation and align with your business goals.


Data Collection

After receiving approval on our initial sample dataset, we proceed with full data collection process. The data gets validated by our QA team to align with requirements. Also, peer review is done on the code internally to make sure that code is written effectively & efficiently.


Quality Assurance

Based on the complexity of site structure, we plan to have both automated test and manual eyeballing of the data to improve the accuracy rate, test coverage and confidence level of data by more than 97%.


Data Delivery

Once the data gets processed and validated by our quality assurance team and qualifies all the quality parameters including the acceptance criteria then, data would be delivered to you based on prescribed agreed format (eg. CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL) along with supporting documents.


Post Delivery Support

Our every effort is to ease your business, so we may take some time to build a cordial relationship with you. Hence, we request you not to keep any feedback with you have. We usually provide free technical support for two weeks for any short term projects and 4 weeks for long term projects with more than 6 months duration.

What services we offer for you?


Lead Generation

Generating and filtering targeted leads from industryspecific websites, conferences, events, professional, and social media platforms or business directories to fuel your business revenue growth through a combined effort of semi and full automation.

Retail Product

Retail Product Solution

Harvest from individual or multiple ecommerce and manufacturer web sites to deliver quality data based on your schedule, complemented with in-depth data analytics.

Research and

Research and Consulting

Our experience insights that every industry has its own set of specific web platforms to harvest the information. It seems possible with the practiced approach and the combined effort of automation and manual research from the web business satisfying results.

Data enrichment

Data Enrichment

The handed over data is deeply enriched and thoroughly validated. The company data gets involved in industry-specific developments which help to formulate key strategies to grow with confidence.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process

We build a custom script to achieve a high degree of automation that streams the most up-to-date quality data has become an essential tool for a growing business. It reduces operational costs, improves effectiveness, efficiency, and enables scalability.

News Article

News Article Harvesting

Harvest the news information with a built-in filter algorithm to harvest only the relevant news information periodically (daily/weekly) at scale through our custom News API.

Data Harvesting

Unstructured Data Harvesting

We develop an AI/ML algorithm with human expertise to harvest meaningful data from images, PDFs, catalogues, invoices, emails, tweets, and other transactions for you to create the right business assets.

API Integration

API Integration

An extensive experience in developing APIs and integration of API to pull and update relevant product information automatically to avoid human dependencies and reduce operational cost.

Web Crawling

Enterprise Web Crawling

We are a leader in web crawling service globally and crawl publicly available data at very high speeds and with high accuracy. We consolidate the data we gather with your private data to propel your business forward.

App Scraping

Mobile App Scraping

We helped client organisations to extract data from both Android and iOS mobile applications at large scale for retail and event management domains.


sentiment Analytis

Extensive experience on sentiment analysis to interpret and classification of emotions (positive, negative and neutral) within text data using text analysis techniques to identify end user sentiments.

Data visualisation

Data visualisation

Simplify and enhance the way you consume the critical organizational data with our visualisation services. It interacts With data effortlessly and flexible With data Visualization Solutions And Services

Data Harvesting Framework

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